Binary Options no deposit bonus

Binary options trading offers an exciting but high-risk investment opportunity. No deposit bonuses are a unique feature that attracts newcomers, allowing them to start trading without any deposit. These bonuses not only provide a risk-free start but also serve as a test drive for the trading platform and conditions.

Top Brokers Offering No Deposit Bonuses

Broker Min. deposit Min. trade Regulated Bonus Demo Mobile App Visit
PocketOption-logo $50 $1 Yes 50% bonus Yes Yes » Visit
IQCent-logo $50 $0,01 Yes Up to 200% bonus Yes Yes » Visit
BinaryCent-logo $50 $0,01 Yes Up to 200% bonus No No » Visit
RaceOption-logo $50 $0,01 No Up to 200% bonus No No » Visit

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

A no deposit bonus in binary options trading is essentially free money given to new traders by brokers. This allows them to start trading without any upfront financial commitment. The primary aim is to attract new clients and give them a taste of trading without the financial risk​.

The differences between no deposit and deposit bonuses

No deposit and deposit bonuses are two popular types of incentives offered by binary options brokers, each serving a distinct purpose and appealing to different trader needs. A no deposit bonus allows traders to start trading without initially committing any personal funds, providing a risk-free opportunity to test the platform and strategies.

In contrast, deposit bonuses require traders to make an initial deposit, after which the broker offers additional funds as a bonus, usually a percentage of the deposited amount. This type of bonus can significantly increase the trading capital available to the trader, allowing for more substantial trades or a longer trading period. Both bonuses are designed to attract new traders, but while no deposit bonuses aim to lower the barrier to entry, deposit bonuses seek to reward the deposit and encourage larger account balances.

How to Access No Deposit Bonuses

To benefit from a no deposit bonus, traders typically need to sign up for an account with a binary options broker, verify their identity, and then the bonus funds are credited to their account. Brokers like offer a straightforward process where you register, verify, and get the bonus to start trading almost immediately.

Pros and cons of the no deposit bonus

The no deposit bonus is an attractive option for traders looking to enter the market without initial financial outlay. This type of bonus is particularly appealing to newcomers who want to experience trading without the risk of losing their own money. However, like any incentive, it comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages that should be carefully considered.


  • Risk-Free Trading: Allows traders to participate in the market without risking their own capital.
  • Test the Platform: Provides an opportunity to explore the trading platform’s features and functionality without any investment.
  • Potential for Profit: Offers the possibility to earn real profits, which in some cases, can be withdrawn if certain conditions are met.

Potential Drawbacks:

  • High Wagering Requirements: Often comes with stringent conditions that must be met before any profits can be withdrawn.
  • Limited Scope: The bonus might be restricted to certain assets or trading types, limiting the trader’s ability to explore the full spectrum of the market.
  • Short Availability Period: Sometimes these bonuses are available for a limited time and can expire quickly, which pressures traders to use them hastily.

Comparing Broker Terms

Different brokers have different terms for their no deposit bonuses, which can significantly affect your trading strategy:

  • Withdrawal Conditions: Most brokers require a specific trading volume before you can withdraw profits made from the bonus. For instance, some might require a 30x turnover of the bonus amount​ .
  • Bonus Amounts: Bonuses vary, typically ranging from $20 to $100, depending on the broker and the promotional period​​.

How to Maximize Your Bonus

Effectively using your no deposit bonus can set the foundation for your trading experience. Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Start Small: Use the bonus to place small trades to minimize risks and extend your trading experience.
  • Learn the Platform: Use the opportunity to fully explore and understand the trading platform’s features and tools.
  • Patient Trading: Avoid the temptation to overtrade. Focus on making calculated trades that offer higher probabilities of success.


No deposit bonuses in binary options trading offer a unique opportunity to experience trading without upfront financial risks. However, understanding the associated terms and choosing the right broker is key to making the most of these offers. By adopting a strategic approach to trading with these bonuses, new traders can gain valuable experience and potentially start building their trading capital.

FAQs Section

How can I choose the best broker for no deposit bonuses?

Look for brokers that offer realistic turnover requirements, accessible customer support, and user-friendly platforms. It’s also advisable to read reviews and check their regulatory status.

Is it possible to make a profit from a no deposit bonus?

Yes, profits can be made, but they are typically subject to stringent turnover requirements before withdrawal is allowed​.

What should I avoid when trading with a no deposit bonus?

Avoid overtrading and not adhering to a planned trading strategy. It’s easy to get tempted by the prospect of free money, but disciplined trading is crucial.