AstroPay Binary options brokers

AstroPay is a leading online payment solution, offering a virtual prepaid card system designed to cater to consumers who want to make online purchases securely and conveniently. Popular across various regions, including Latin America, Asia, and Europe, AstroPay facilitates smooth transactions without requiring users to share personal banking details with merchants. This method is particularly popular among users who are cautious about online security or do not have access to traditional banking services. AstroPay’s ease of use and its ability to support multiple local currencies make it an attractive option for international transactions.

AstroPay binary Brokers

Broker Min. deposit Min. trade Regulated Bonus Demo Mobile App Visit
IQ Option-logo $10 $1 No No bonus Yes Yes » Visit
Deriv-logo $5 $1 Yes No bonus Yes Yes » Visit
Olymp Trade-logo $10 $1 Yes 50% deposit bonus Yes Yes » Visit
Binomo-logo $10 $1 No 10% cashback Yes Yes » Visit
GC Option logo $10 $1 No Risk free trading days Yes Yes » Visit

(General risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

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How Astro Pay Works

AstroPay operates by allowing users to purchase virtual prepaid cards that can be loaded with funds from various sources such as bank transfers, other credit cards, or e-wallets. Users can sign up for an AstroPay account via their website or mobile app, where they can immediately purchase a virtual card. These cards can then be used to pay online at any merchant that accepts AstroPay without the need to reveal personal financial information. Each card can be used only once, adding an extra layer of security to transactions. The setup process does not require a credit check, and users can start using their virtual card as soon as they complete their purchase and receive their card details online.

Transfer Processing Time

The processing time for transactions using AstroPay is nearly instantaneous. Since the service uses prepaid virtual cards, payments are processed as soon as the card details are entered and accepted by the merchant, similar to using a conventional debit or credit card online. There is no waiting period for card issuance beyond the initial setup, as card details are provided immediately after the purchase is confirmed. This rapid processing makes AstroPay a convenient option for users looking to execute quick and secure online transactions without the delays associated with traditional banking methods.

Pros and Cons of AstroPay


  • Accessibility: AstroPay is widely accessible across multiple countries, making it convenient for international users.
  • Anonymity: Users can make payments without disclosing personal bank details, offering an added layer of privacy.
  • Ease of Use: The AstroPay platform is user-friendly, with a straightforward setup and transaction process.
  • No Additional Fees: AstroPay generally does not charge users additional fees for making deposits or purchases.


  • Withdrawal Restrictions: While convenient for deposits, AstroPay may not be available for withdrawals on all platforms, which can limit its utility.
  • Limited Refunds: Once a transaction has been made using AstroPay, refunds can be complicated or impossible, which may be a concern for users requiring flexibility.
  • Prepaid Nature: Funds must be pre-loaded onto an AstroPay card, which requires planning and may not suit all users, especially those looking to make large or spontaneous transactions.

AstroPay provides a secure and convenient way to fund binary options trading accounts, particularly appealing to those who value privacy and speedy transactions.

How to fund a binary option trading account with Astro Pay

Funding your binary options trading account with AstroPay is a simple process:

  1. Access the Deposit Section: Sign into your binary options trading account and go to the deposit page.
  2. Choose AstroPay: Select AstroPay from the list of available payment methods.
  3. Enter Deposit Information: Input the amount you want to deposit. You might also need to enter your AstroPay card number, security code, and expiration date.
  4. Confirm the Transaction: Review all the details, then confirm the transaction.
  5. Complete the Deposit: Once confirmed, the funds should appear in your trading account almost immediately, allowing you to start trading without delays.


How secure is AstroPay for funding binary options accounts?

AstroPay uses advanced security measures, ensuring that all transactions are secure and private.

What are the fees associated with using AstroPay?

Typically, AstroPay does not charge additional fees for deposits into binary options accounts, but it’s always wise to check if your broker imposes any service charges.

How long does it take for funds to be credited to my account?

Deposits made via AstroPay are usually instantaneous, meaning you can start trading as soon as you complete the transaction.

Can I withdraw my trading profits to my AstroPay card?

Withdrawal options may vary depending on the broker. Some may not support withdrawals back to AstroPay, so it’s important to verify available withdrawal methods with your broker.