FasaPay Binary Option Brokers

FasaPay is an Indonesian-based online payment system that offers a fast, safe, and reliable method for conducting both personal and commercial transactions online. Catering primarily to the Indonesian market, FasaPay allows users to transfer money, pay for goods and services, and receive payments efficiently over the internet. It is widely used by online merchants, forex trading platforms, and individuals who prefer a secure digital money transfer system without using traditional banking products.

FasaPay Binary Brokers

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PocketOption-logo $50 $1 Yes 50% deposit bonus Yes Yes » Visit
Deriv-logo $5 $1 Yes No bonus Yes Yes » Visit
Expert Option-logo $10 $1 Yes 100% deposit bonus Yes Yes » Visit
GC Option logo $10 $1 No Risk free trading days Yes Yes » Visit

(General risk warning: your capital can be at risk)

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How FasaPay Works

FasaPay users must first register for an account by providing some personal and financial information. Once the account is set up and verified, users can add funds to their FasaPay wallet via a bank transfer from an Indonesian bank account. After funding their account, users can make payments to any merchant that accepts FasaPay by simply entering their FasaPay ID and the amount they wish to pay. The merchant will instantly receive a notification of the payment, allowing the transaction to be processed quickly. FasaPay places a strong emphasis on security, implementing SSL encryption and routine security audits to protect user data and transaction details.

Transfer Processing Time

Transactions through FasaPay are noted for their speed and efficiency. Transfers between FasaPay accounts are typically instantaneous, allowing users to send and receive funds without delay. This makes it particularly appealing for online traders and merchants who require fast, reliable payment solutions. Payments to merchants are processed and confirmed within seconds, ensuring that there is minimal disruption to the purchasing process. When withdrawing funds to a bank account, the transfer can take up to one business day, depending on the bank’s processing times and whether the transaction is conducted within normal banking hours. This rapid processing feature positions FasaPay as a preferred payment system within Indonesia’s bustling e-commerce and trading sectors.

Pros and Cons of Using FasaPay


  • Fast Transactions: FasaPay offers instant transfers, which is ideal for traders who need to fund their accounts without delays.
  • Low Transaction Fees: Compared to other payment methods, FasaPay typically charges lower fees, making it a cost-effective option for frequent traders.
  • High Security: FasaPay implements robust security measures, including encryption and two-factor authentication, to protect user accounts and transactions.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The FasaPay system is designed to be easy to use, with a straightforward interface that simplifies the process of making deposits and withdrawals.


  • Limited Availability: FasaPay is not as widely accepted as other more global payment methods, which can limit its use depending on the broker and the trader’s location.
  • Regulatory Oversight: Being less known than other payment systems, FasaPay might not be as heavily regulated, which could raise concerns regarding long-term reliability and security.
  • Currency Limitations: FasaPay primarily handles transactions in specific currencies, which may require currency conversion and incur additional costs if your account operates in a different currency.

Using FasaPay provides a quick, secure, and efficient way to manage funds in a binary options trading account, particularly for traders in regions where FasaPay is widely accepted.

How to Fund a Binary Option Trading Account with FasaPay

Funding your binary options trading account with FasaPay is straightforward:

  1. Access the Deposit Section: Log into your binary options trading platform and navigate to the finance or deposit section.
  2. Select FasaPay: From the list of available payment methods, select FasaPay.
  3. Specify Deposit Amount: Enter the amount you wish to deposit into your trading account.
  4. Complete FasaPay Login: You will be redirected to FasaPay’s website, where you must log in to your account to approve the transaction.
  5. Confirm and Process the Deposit: Confirm the payment details and complete the transaction. Funds are typically credited to your trading account almost immediately.


Is using FasaPay safe for funding binary options accounts?

Yes, FasaPay uses advanced security protocols to ensure that all transactions are secure. Always ensure that you are accessing FasaPay through a secure and reliable trading platform.

Are there fees associated with using FasaPay for deposits or withdrawals?

FasaPay charges transaction fees, but they are generally low. However, it’s important to check both FasaPay’s fees and any additional fees that your broker might charge.

How quickly can I trade after making a deposit with FasaPay?

Deposits with FasaPay are usually instant, so you can begin trading as soon as the funds are credited to your account.

Can I withdraw my trading profits using FasaPay?

Many brokers do support withdrawals via FasaPay. You will need to enter the amount you wish to withdraw in the broker’s withdrawal section and select FasaPay as your withdrawal method. Withdrawal times can vary depending on the broker’s processing time.